Heritage Cares: We are Dedicated to Giving Back to Our Community

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Herman Melville once wrote, “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” At Heritage Land Transfer, we are motivated by this quote. We think it speaks powerfully to the importance of community. Within a community, we are all connected; our actions impact one another. 

Because we care about our community and about the success of each of its members, we do our very best to give back. It’s simply a part of our culture here at Heritage Land Transfer. We see ourselves not as an island, but as an interwoven part of the communities we live in and serve, and we hope our actions as a PA settlement service reflect that.

Scholarship Program

One of the ways our title insurance agency gives back to the community is through our scholarship program. By awarding scholarship funds to students, we are investing in their future, and thereby the future of our community. Our scholarships have helped make college and higher education possible for numerous young folks. 

A little help at the start of one’s education can make all the difference in that individual’s future. Scholarship funds can help students reach higher, achieve more, and ultimately enjoy greater economic success in adulthood. 

Contributing to the education of others benefits the community as a whole, too. Better education means we all have access to more knowledgeable, experienced professionals. Education equips today’s youth to be the problem-solvers of the future, and we’re happy to encourage that growth through our scholarships. As a trusted Philadelphia real estate title company, we’re proud to do our part.

Volunteer Work

At Heritage Land Transfer, we truly have some of the kindest, most dedicated employees. Not only do they do an excellent job at offering title and escrow services, but they are dedicated volunteers, too.

Each of our employees has the option of spending up to 20 paid hours per year volunteering in the community. We’ve had employees work on community gardening projects, and others who have worked with the underserved.

Through volunteer work, our employees not only help solve problems within the community; they also remain more aware and involved of what’s going on in the community around them. In working with others, they learn more about those peoples’ needs, which enables them to better serve those individuals in their profession and in their personal life.

At Heritage Land Transfer, we are all about the people. Our client-first mentality extends beyond the workplace and into our scholarship and volunteer programs. IN this season of giving, we encourage each and every one of you to also consider what more you can do to give back. Communities are for all of us, and the more we contribute, the better we are for it.

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