Heritage Land Transfer offers Commerical & Residential Settlement Services in tri-state

Recent Transactions

Heritage Land Transfer completes hundreds of transactions and title insurance services in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware markets with an additional national footprint with partners across the United States.


Duplex Closing


Savvy first-time buyer purchases a duplex – living on one side and renting out the other.  It was great working with Halen, Jesse, and Truist Bank to service this closing.


Outsourced Services

When the customer needs a fast, flexible, and reliable solution, smart realtors call Heritage. Corey from Keller Williams is a long-time client and friend of Heritage. He relies on us when he knows buyer needs and timeframes are outside the scope of internal title department teams. . This model gets Corey the best solution for his clients every time. 


Trusted Partnership

Viren Kapadia, who is a mortgage loan officer at Univest, has been a friend of mine for over 20+ years. This week we closed our first title order from him for a building renovation loan. This was a great reminder of the value of relationships and persistence in business!