Make Sure Your Client is Protected: What to Communicate to Your Client  


The closing and settlement time can be overwhelming for residential or commercial buyers. There is a ton of paperwork, required signatures, and various closing fees that can confuse even experienced buyers.  

I am sure Owner’s have asked you why they need title insurance and might consider it an optional expense. Let’s walk through some of the basics that help you advise them about title insurance value and the dangers when one goes without it. 

What is Title Insurance? 

Owner’s title insurance is a policy that protects the homebuyer or commercial owner’s property rights and protects their legal claims to the property. 

Protection from Liens 

For new construction or renovations, this is particularly important. Let’s say a builder or flip individual fails to pay a vendor they used – the roofer, the electrician, the engineer, etc. That vendor does have a right to file a lien against the property. If your client did not take out title insurance, they would be the responsible party to pay the vendor. And that is an expense they should not have to endure (in fact, they already paid for it in the original purchase price!)  With owner’s title insurance, your client would be protected from certain legal or financial responsibilities. 

 Protection from Unknown Defects 

Owner’s title insurance protects residential and commercial owners financially, as long as they or their heirs own the home. For a low, one-time fee at closing, homebuyers can rest assured, knowing they are protected against unknown defects that could cause financial loss. 

Heritage Land Transfer – A Valuable Resource for Realtors  

The team at Heritage works every day with realtors, attorneys, and buyers to help them understand the options they have for land title insurance. We provide all stakeholders involved in real estate the best insights and advice for protection and provide the peace of mind your client should have at closing.  

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