Understanding Mortgage Closing Costs

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When you purchase a home with a mortgage, there are still a number of costs you need to pay up-front. One of these costs is the down payment on the loan. The other costs all fall under the umbrella of “closing costs.” These are various fees you pay to the bank, the attorney, your title settlement service, and other individuals and companies involved in the real estate transaction. 

It’s important to be an informed buyer, and part of being an informed buyer is knowing where various closing costs come from. Here are the typical closing costs you’ll pay when buying a home.

Loan Application Fee

This is a fee is paid to the bank to cover the costs associated with you applying for a loan.

Escrow Fee

At closing, you will generally be asked to pay several months’ worth of taxes and mortgage insurance payments into an escrow fund. This is bundled into the escrow fee. The funds will be kept in your escrow fund once the loan closes.

Lender’s Title Insurance Fee

Title insurance protects the lender if any defects in the title arise after closing. The fee for this insurance is paid to a real estate title company.

Owner’s Title Insurance Fee

You have the option of purchasing title insurance to protect you, the new owner of the home, from defects in the title. If you want this insurance, you’ll pay for it during closing.

Credit Report Fee

The bank will need to access your credit report in order to make you a loan offer. The fee for this credit report will be passed on to you.

Private Mortgage Insurance Premium (FHA Insurance Premium)

If your down payment is less than 20% of the home cost, you’ll generally be required to have private mortgage insurance. The first month’s premium is typically due at closing.

HOA Transfer Fee

If your new home is a part of a homeowner’s association, you’ll generally pay an HOA transfer fee to put the home into your name with the association.

Prepaid Daily Interest

Interest will accrue on your mortgage between your closing date and the first mortgage payment. You’ll pay this interest at closing as a fee called “prepaid daily interest.”

Survey and Recording Fee

The survey fee goes to the company that checks and establishes the property’s boundaries. A recording fee goes to the county clerk’s office for the processing of these records.

Title Search Fee

The title search will reveal any liens on the property or other possible discrepancies with the title. The fee for this service is paid to your PA settlement service at closing.

Transfer Fee

Many municipalities charge a transfer fee or transfer tax when ownership of a property changes. Costs vary widely from town to town and county to county.

Now that you understand these closing costs, you can enter the next real estate transaction as an informed buyer. If you’re looking for a “title search company near me” to work with you through the process, contact Heritage Land Transfer. We have a great network of real estate professionals to hold your hand through it. If you need a real estate escrow company, know that we offer escrow services too.

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